Understanding Pittsburgh's unelected power structure

In the spotlight: 60 panels that make decisions for Pittsburgh, Allegheny County


Morgan Overton

A rare millennial in the region's board world, she's taking the commission's work to the city's departments.

Alberto Benzaquen

This native of Venezuela climbed from restaurant dishwasher to a role fighting discrimination.

Cori Frazer

An autism advocate and non-binary person, they bring an intersectional approach to the board structure.

About this project

The Pittsburgh region is run in large part by around 500 unelected members of boards, commissions and other public agencies.

Board members usually don’t get headlines. Those go to the mayor, the county executive, council members, controllers and directors. But boards often push for new policies, award contracts and grants, address demands for inclusion and equity, and more.

The board structure is more diverse than it was 15 years ago, but gaps remain. It’s time for deeper exploration.

PublicSource’s new Board Explorer sheds light on these panels and their roles, providing information about each member and inviting analysis of this important part of the region’s power structure.

We have included 56 county, city and joint boards and commissions. As more panels form and membership changes, we'll periodically update.

Explore with us, and, if you have a story idea or something you think we should investigate, please let us know.

How diverse are the city and county boards and commissions?

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Note: PublicSource was able to determine the ages of 490 of 516 active board members.

Source: Publicly available information including voter registration records.

Note: PublicSource was able to determine the race or ethnicity of 485 of 516 active board members.

Sources: Publicly available records including social media, resumes and records of public appearances.

Note: PublicSource was able to determine the gender of all 516 active board members.

Sources: Voter registration records and social media.

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