Understanding Pittsburgh's unelected power structure

Janet Manuel

Who they are

Age55 years old
Party affiliationDemocrat
ResidenceWestwood (Pittsburgh)
Day jobDirector, Human Resources & Civil Service and EEO/Diversity & Inclusion Officer, City of Pittsburgh
EducationRobert Morris University, Cameron University

Boards they serve on

Comprehensive Municipal Pension Trust Fund

Oversees the city’s three pension funds: the Municipal Pension Fund, the Firemen’s Relief and Pension Fund, and the Policemen’s Relief and Pension Fund.
Term length members serve by virtue of office or are chosen by police, fire and municipal employees. example here.:

Gender Equity Commission

To redress gender discrimination by analyzing intersectional gender discrimination, including identity, expression, sexuality, race and ethnicity, diverse abilities, education, income, etc,. Based upon the data, the GEC will work with the City to create an action plan to reduce the disparities and guide future plans.
3-year term: first served 12/12/2017, current term ends 12/31/2023.
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